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Center City
The upper tier of the city, located at the center. No residents of the lower city are permitted without permission and Psions are strictly forbidden from entering. Wealthy citizens and government officials (primarily humans) reside here.
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Federation Government Headquarters,
Corporate Core,
Anastasia Krauss University,
Center City Residential Sector,
The Skydock
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North City
The thriving northern quarter of the city is a shadow of its former self; home now to the bustling Orcish District the rest of the district is dominated by the Federations military base and quiet, residential areas.
Sub Forums:
The Orcish District,
Secure Zone News,
Old North Shopping Arcade,
North City MP Base
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East City
The ruined East City had once been a cultural melting pot. When the Secure Zone was turned into a prison, much of the treasures of the East were demolished in favor of tent cities, shanty towns and factories. The Elven mafia is powerful here and act with little fear of the Federation's wrath.
Sub Forums:
The Slums,
The Elven Tear,
The Junk Fields,
Rharr Heavy Metal
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South City
Where life has seemed to fade from the North and East quarters, South City has seen an explosion of energy. A popular shopping center and hub of entertainment and vice. It is also the home of Little Xern, where the bulk of the Raemuzel population reside.
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The Cardboard Box,
The Scarlett Casino,
Little Xern,
Lotus Theaters
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West City
The safest part of the lower city is also the most dichotomous. The wealthy residents of the lower make their homes in the Western Quarter, next to the gate to the sea port. However, the only functioning gate on the outer walls is heavily guarded by the federation and they have a heavy presence on the streets.
Sub Forums:
The Lofts,
The Sea Gate,
Crown Shipping,
West Central Park
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The Undercity
With hidden entrances all over the city, it is relatively easy to get into the Undercity. The Federation dares not send troops down there though, and allows its residents extra freedoms in the interest of keeping the peace. It is home to subterranean races, criminals and those just looking for some freedom.
Sub Forums:
Le Marché Noir,
Hair of the Beast,
The Dwarven Halls,
The Hovels,
The Catacombs
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Elsewhere in the Secure Zone
There are other places in the Secure Zone, places that have indeterminable locations, or locations only known to a few.
Sub Forums:
The Council Building,
The Slab
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