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1 - Official Site Rules
This Site Contains Mature Content

General Rules:

I. Read all the rules

II. Respect the Staff and other members

III. If you have a problem or concern with another member of the site either deal with it on an outside source (Skype, Facebook, Etc) or contact one of the admins to help moderate the situation.

IV. Advertise only in the appropriate areas (see advertisement rules)

V. Write in third person only (Example: She couldn’t help but wonder when the day would end.)

VI. There is no minimum word requirement for posting. Post as much or as little as you like. Keep in mind, however, the less you post the less experience you will gain.

VII. Please use spell-check. Although we don’t regulate this, it’s always nice to have things spelled correctly. Try your best to use proper grammar. We understand that not everyone is a native speaker of the english language and we can offer advice if necessary.

VIII. The General Chat, or OOC (Out of Context) area, is an open forum to discuss many things, but there are a few things that we as staff members will not tolerate.
  • Do not spam in general, the site is fairly laid back compared to some other boards. But if the Staff notice a pattern of spam, hulk will smash.
  • No discussing illegal topics. If something is illegal in a majority of the US, this rule applies even if it is legal where you are.

IX. Please keep your signatures clean. If your image is too large, you'll be contacted about it. We urge you to have a link to your profile(s) in your signature.
  • Link your character accounts in your signature
  • You may add anything to your signature, as long as it isn't too big (pictures especially)
  • These are just suggestions. Do what you please, however please remember the size. If it stretches the screen for you, then it probably stretches the screen for everyone else. Thank you.

Be Mature:

I. You must be 18 years or older to enter, observe and/or role play on this site. If you are caught under the age of 18 we will ban your IP address until you have come of age.

II. Please mark any thread that contains mature rated content with the appropriate tag (R, M, A)

III. Mature rated pictures are allowed however must be put within a spoiler, and tagged with the necessary rating.

IV. Consent is the name of the game boys and girls, if we find out that you have been using inappropriate acts, languages or anything of the sorts to someone who is not willing to participate, your character will be thrown into prison and all their threads will be locked until they’re released.

V. There will be NONE of the following: child pornography, beastiality, racisim (OOC, IC/In Context must be kept contained), and excessive profanity.

Advertisement Rules:

I. You must link back. If you desire a front page advertisement, please contact our advertising mod ( ) with a banner and be ready to show where ours is located.

II. Our link-back must be directly accessible from the home page.

III. The advertising site must be active to have a front page advertisement spot.

IV. We actively moderate our advertisement, if we have been removed from your site then you shall be removed from ours indefinitely.


I. Once you have created your account, please go here and introduce yourself by creating a tracker. A staff member will then activate your account. Here you will keep track of your characters, their plots, relationships, journals, etc.
  • You are only allowed ONE OOC account.
III. Once your OOC account has been approved you can create a character profile. You can do this in the Character Registry, which can be found here.

IV. Please refer to the character template thread, located here, for the character template. For character do’s and don’ts, and restrictions; see the end of the template thread.

V. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact the application approval staff for further help.

VI. If you wish to make any changes to your approved character, which you will find out it is locked and placed in APPROVED CHARACTERS. Just send a staff member a PM and they will unlock your character, let them know when the changes are complete and they can review it.


So now you have created an OOC account and have created a character, what do you do?

I. You can now post! All other rules above apply.

II. You must write in third person, no matter what unless your character is in thought. Feel free to write on your characters profile in first person, however not in the IC threads.

III. No God-Modding! If you don’t know what this is, let me explain with an example:
Quote:Player 1: “ Sarah readies herself for an attack, holding the lightsaber in her grasps she waits for Jessica to make her move.”
Player 2: “Jessica lashes forward and strangles Sarah 'till Sarah dies.”

Don't take control over others characters, or make moves which makes it impossible for the player to respond to or avoid.

Very literal representation of god-modding, but you get the point. Please take into consideration all of the role-players.

IV. There is no posting limit, you may have as many or as little threads as you so desire. However, it is basically a matter of common sense: don't bite off more than you can chew. Threads can be closed due to inactivity and will not receive experience if one party deems it not going anywhere.

V. There is no limit to how many threads that you have, however, be responsible with this. Don't overwork yourself and have fifty threads up at once.

VI. There is no minimum that you have to post. With that being said, we recommend at LEAST a paragraph (5-6 sentences).

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