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2 - The Story of Echoes
[Image: v2B4y4k.jpg]
Welcome to the Jungle...

Table of Contents
For nearly six millennia, there was only One Empire on the mainland. One dominion that stretched the vastness of the Mataian continent. The Lesser Kingdoms; the realms of Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and Man were to it as children. The Empire had its little deaths, collapses followed by rebirth. Each time following the passing of one of its ageless emperors. With each rebirth, however, the Empire became a little bit less than what it was before. Soon it cast aside a devotion to law, to order, and embraced Tyranny. 

Then the Thuulic War began.

In the year 604 of the Mataian Imperial Calendar, a horde of Thuulic Barbarians washed over the Mainland. To them they drew in the Three Elven Peoples; reviled and abused for centuries by the Empire. They drew in the Dwarves, resentful of economic exclusion and growing racism. They drew in the Desert Peoples, many races fighting desperately to protect a dying culture. They drew in slaves and thieves, heroes and gods. Lead by the man who stole "War" from the God of Slaughter, the Thuulic Armies brought devastation to a withered Imperial Army.

In the year 614 the Eastern Captial, Dianapur, fell. The Western Capital, Matra, which had stood unabused and unaccosted for five and a half thousand years of Imperial Rule, fell to the might of the new War God. Even so, this new Empire only lasted two decades. The new Emperor passed away in his sleep and left behind a utopia unfinished. Dissidents, still loyal to the old empire and blind to the fragility of their homeland, rose up to reinstall the legacy of Ghomess the Great, the first Emperor. The following succession crisis and rebellion rang the final bell on the Mataian Empire's demise. 

Two hundred years of darkness followed as the many great cities of the old Empire fought to establish dominance over the regions. City States and Petty Kingdoms rose and fell as grain under the scythe. Technological advancements were lost and rediscovered, some knowledge to be lost forever. Old hatreds grew to a fever pitch in some lands while in others they died away at long last. 

At last, though, there was a glimmer of light. In Matra, the Grey City, the Ancient Throne, a collective of men and women rose to power and formed a council of leaders to guide the people of their region out of the darkness and into the light. Yet there were forces out there, mortal and immortal, that would seek to ensure the many peoples of Matai would never rise again...

Continued in Act 1

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It is the year 312 of the Mataian Imperial Calendar. The City of Matra is experiencing a resurgence of historic proportions. The Grand Gate, which had served to bind Matra and it's sister city of Dianapur together remains inert. Even so, people from across the world have flocked to the new City State. They chase a promise of a better future, of innovations both rediscovered and new to the world. It is a time of discovery, prosperity, and growth.

But in a city that has been the breeding ground of racial hatreds and social stratification for millenia, can this new society rise above the echoes of the fallen empire? Or is it doomed to repeat the same mistakes all over again?

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