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7 - Character Journals
What is a Journal?

In Echoes of Matai, players keep track of their characters activities inside of that character’s journal. A character journal keeps track of not only threads and storylines that a character participates in, but also their finances, property, relationships, influence, and equipment. All of it goes in one place for easy access not only for the staff but for other players to see what that character has been up to and where they stand in Echoes.

The most important feature of the Journal is it’s part in the growth of your character, without a well kept Journal, your character cannot increase its skills, or WIP score.

TIP: Put links to your character journals into your signature for easy access!

The Journal Format

While some players choose to spruce up the format of their journal and add additional details, all of them are required to possess the same minimum information. A list of threads in chronological order, a list of relationships, the characters inventory and their personal funds.

Here is a simple journal format;


[align=center][size=medium]Character Name's Journal[/size][/align]
[align=center][size=medium]WIP Score[/size][/align]

[i]Blurb/summary about the character[/i]

[b]The Story so far...[/b]
-----[b]Thread Name:[/b] (Links are Helpful!)
-----[b]Short Thread Summary: [/b]Describe the thread, listing skills you used during the thread here is extra helpful.
-----[b]Status:[/b] (Complete/Ongoing)

[b]Relationships and Influence[/b]
-----[b]Character Name:[/b] [link]
-----[b]Relationship:[/b] (Friendly/Hostile/etc) Give a description

-----[b]Faction Name:[/b] [link]
-----[b]Standing:[/b] (Friendly/Hostile/etc) Give a description

-----[b]Item Name:[/b]
-----[b]Item Description:[/b]

-----[b]Property Name:[/b]
-----[b]Property Summary:[/b] (Link to Lore or some description is helpful)


WARNING: Modifying a Journal to reflect false information is considered god-modding. If such a situation is reported, the staff will investigate and handle the situation appropriately. Consequences can include reduced Trust Score, temporary bans, or even full bans for repeated offenses.

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