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6 - WIP System
The WIP System

There are three stats in Echoes’ leveling system, Wealth, Influence, and Power. These stats are a formal measure for your characters capacities based on their activities on the site. There are many things that can influence one's scores both positively or negatively. All characters start with these stats at 0. The easiest way to improve one of the three stats is to undertake a plot or story arc. Pursuing level up story arcs is a choice of the player, characters can pursue enriching and interesting storylines without leveling up at all.
Now on to the stats themselves;

Wealth: A character’s wealth and fiscal prosperity. This includes personal assets, buildings, homes, factories and non-liquidated property. A character cannot make large purchases, sales, or fund activities without increasing this stat. Players are not required to keep track of their characters finances but it certainly helps. You can think of your wealth stat almost like a financial score; having a higher score means you have access to greater financial assets. While a 0 or 1 would indicate ordinary citizens of the city; a 6 or 7 would indicate an extremely wealthy and financially connected noble or businessman. 

Influence: A character’s overall prestige and social status. This can vary greatly and implies military rank, position in social hierarchy, government position, general renown, reputation or even infamy. A character cannot rise position-wise in the world without increasing this stat. A character's base influence score can be found simply by averaging their top three reputation scores. 

For example; If a player has 2 reputation with the Thieves Guild, 1 reputation with the City Council, and 1 reputation with the Merchant's Association, their Influence Score would be 1. This reflects that while they are more influential with one group they have not achieved enough influence to reach that next level.

Power: A character’s personal power. This includes potency of magic, physical strength, agility, force of personality and other such traits. A character cannot overcome extreme personal dangers and trials without increasing this stat. This stat is also the general measure of a character’s current potential in comparison to another. This stat does NOT dictate a character’s skill in one area or another (see Packages and Growth). Dramatic differences in levels of power can possibly mean certain death to the unwary.  A well written lower level attacker can still kill a higher level opponent. A person's personal power is the average of their top three skill ranks. Only by extraordinary means can a character's personal power exceed 7.

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