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Lore - Religion and the Gods
Religion and Matai

Matai is home to a large pantheon of gods. Each of them are possessed of their own whims and interests. Officially the gods do not involve themselves in mortal matters. The reality is that the gods actively play a role in the world and will often descend to the mortal realm to interact with believers and non-believers alike. While it is known that not all of the gods were born or rose at the same time, it is not known when the first of the gods took their throne. It is also a mystery as to what came before them…

The Gods

Lumar, God of Heroism
It is from his name that all light comes. The God of Heroes. Honor and duty are his highest tenants. A kind and forgiving god that protects those who need protecting and smites the wicked. Lumar is often depicted as a solitary warrior surrounded by light, holding a two handed axe in one hand and a warbow in the other. In life, Lumar was an Orcish hero who served the first Mataian emperor, Ghomess the Great, he who fell into hatred. His worshippers are very open about their beliefs and often try to evangelize.

Symbol: A helm backed with a star.
Domains: Light, Healing, Heroes, Protection

Gohmess, God of Tyranny
He who founded the Grey Empire and then sought to destroy it. The God of Tyrants. Slavery and domination are his trade. A cruel and mirthless god that loathes mortals for their ingratitude. Ghomess seeks order in all things and would see the world transformed into a great machine to work tirelessly for his designs. He is often depicted as a man in finery with a whip in hand. In life, Gohmess was the first Emperor of the ancient Mataian empire, six thousand years ago. His worshippers very rarely practice in the open and keep to themselves.

Symbol: A fist bearing a whip.
Domains: Domination, Order, Pain, Malice

Menma, Goddess of the Dead
It is into her arms we all go in the end. The Goddess of the Dead. A gentle repose and an end to suffering are her works. A kind and gentle goddess that cares for the souls of all mortals, rich or poor, large or small, they are all her children. She has no great interest in the mortal realm beyond ensuring that nature run its course and has little love for the undead. She is often depicted as a beautiful, well endowed female elf in black flowing robes. Little is known about her life. Among the various gods, her worshippers are the most respected and revered as they perform funeral rites universally.

Symbol: Two palms spread bearing a soul.
Domains: Death, Sleep, Cold, Mercy

Zera, God of War
It is through his strength that we overcome. The God of War. Wisdom and strength are his means. A firm but honorable god that urges mortals to reach for perfection and to act with wisdom. He often will take interest in great challenges or disputes between mortals and urge both sides to act with restraint. A lover of the martial arts, he is often depicted as a giant man carrying a book in one hand and a blade in the other. In life he was a necromancer warlord that sought to save the old Mataian Empire from itself. His worshippers are prized as warriors and combatants, many of whom take up the role of monks.

Symbol: The Rook atop a Tome of Magic
Domains: Undeath, War, Strength, Wisdom

The Dark Lady, Goddess of Secrets
It is her hand we most fear, it is her rage that robs us of sleep. The Goddess of Secrets. Knowledge and retribution are her trade. A ruthless goddess that suffers no mortal gain knowledge beyond their means. It is said that every last lich was destroyed and the knowledge of their creation was taken by her hand. She possesses knowledge of the deepest secrets of the universe and guards it jealously in her darkness. Not much is known about her life before godhood. She is often portrayed as a drow elf clutching scrolls to her chest. Her worshippers stay in the shadows, watching, waiting.

Symbol: A scroll clenched in a fist
Domains: Magic, Secrets, Darkness, Vengeance

Demsell, God of Debauchery
It is through him that the world keeps turning. The God of Luck. Mischief and great fortune are his tools. A mad god that plays with the lives of mortals for his own amusement. He is neither good nor evil an can be both kind and cruel. He is tasked with shifting the luck of those chosen by fate to move toward their destinies. The patron of Adventurers and Scoundrels alike, he has a great love for pranksters, thieves, and artists. He is often depicted as a madman in a red pirates coat. In life, he was a pirate that stole the divine spark from his predecessor in a game of wits. His worshippers rarely practice openly but always practice vigorously.

Symbol: Two dice rolled to a one and a six upon a smiling face.
Domains: Luck, Chaos, Madness, Adventurers

Goshgolah, God of Slaughter
It is he that brings all the suffering in the world. The God of Blood. Slaughter and mayhem are his delights. An insane god that seeks to bring war and destruction wherever he goes. His sole desire is to cull the world of all life and leave it a cold, bloodstained ruin. The enemy of the God of War, he delights in conflict and violence and cares little for the strategy of war. He is portrayed as a war orphan brandishing a knife soaked in blood. It is believed that he was in life as he was portrayed, a victim of a horrific war. His worshippers often include serial killers and cannibals.

Symbol: Hand caked in blood holding a skull.
Domains: Blood, Violence, Mayhem, Destruction

Veryl, God of Honesty
It is under his eye that we make our pacts and deals. The God of Truth. Law and Justice are the paths he sets before us. A firm and unbending god that endlessly seeks balance in the world. To him, all words and pacts are binding. One does not speak unless one means what they say. To lie, in his eyes, is a grave sin. It is Veryl that brought law to the world and sat as the first Judge in the ancient Mataian Empire. Veryl is often portrayed as a mountain dwarf bearing a gavel and scales. His worshippers are sworn never to lie, even when it is in their own interest. 

Symbol: Two hands grasping one another’s wrists.
Domains: Law, Justice, Pacts, Truth

Aurelia, Goddess of the Wild
It is she who safeguards the wilds and brings the rain. The Goddess of Nature. The Trees and the Skies are her domain. Utterly neutral and uncaring, she is the embodiment of the law of nature. She protects the wilds viciously and shows no love to those who do not heed the dangers of the world. A creature of violent beauty, she is often portrayed as a Wood Elf or Faeman Female atop an elk and escorted by wolves. Nothing is known about her life before her ascension. Her worshippers are often druids, hunters, and other lovers of nature.

Symbol: Varying depictions of the circle of life, usually various animals consuming one another in a circle.
Domains: Nature, Weather, Animals, Hunters

Dolric, God of the Moon
It is he that sinks the cold blade, without mirth or joy in his heart. The God of Murder. An icy blade and a blackened heart are his tools. Dolric the Jackal is the unfeeling lord of Lycanthropes and Assassins. It is said that leaving ten pounds of silver upon a sanctified altar of Dolric will bring one of his priests to end the life of your enemy. Often depicted as a man wearing a white featureless and eyeless porcelain mask, he is believed to be a werejackal keeping his true form in check with the mask. In life, he was a hunter that Aurelia loved but turned against her when her nature spurned him. His worshippers are mostly murderers and assassins.

Symbol: A knife cutting through the moon.
Domains: Moonlight, Lycanthropes, Murder, Shadows

Yashmineh, Goddess of Freedom
It is by her flames that we find freedom. The Goddess of Fire. A raised voice and a passionate heart are her way. She is a fiery and unbridled goddess that is the sworn enemy of slavers and tyrants. It is her will that all of their ilk be put to fire and burn to death. She acts with impunity to stir the hearts of mortals to throw off their shackles and embrace a life of freedom, no matter the cost. She is often portrayed as a half-aelf with red hair bearing a flaming spear. In life, she was a general in Zera’s army before she struck a deal with Demsell to free an entire region from a tyrant. Her worshippers are political activists and freedom fighters.

Symbol: A burning pair of shackles.
Domains: Fire, Freedom, Courage, Passion

Kitaranya, Goddess of Life
It is through her that life begins. The Goddess of the Hearth. A firm hand and a warm heart are hers. She is a generous and loving goddess that patrons life, love, and the family. She favors those who would lay down their lives to protect their homes and is often called upon to ensure a safe and healthy birth. Her blessings are often put upon homesteads themselves to give good fortune and harvest. There is little known about her life before her ascension and her appearance changes based on the race and culture worshipping her. Her worshippers are many and practice openly.

Symbol: A home or building with the door open.
Domains: Home, Love, Sacrifice, Birth

The Grey Witch, Goddess of Fate
It is she that works the loom of fate, interpreting it’s threads. The Goddess of Fate. Aloof and unblinking in the everchurning path that is time she is the final authority on a mortal’s destination. Though she does not control fate, she is tasked with knowing it and ensuring that it comes to pass. She has no interest in interfering with the lives of mortals directly and instead partners with Demsell to ensure that fate runs its course, it is an unhappy union. She is often depicted as an aged but strangely beautiful woman sitting at a loom. Most revere the Grey Witch, few worship her.

Symbol: A coil of threads in the infinity pattern.
Domains: Fate, Time

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