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Lore - Magitech

At its core, magitech is the use of mana as a fuel source to power machinery and equipment. It is the foundation on which Mataian society is built. In the time of Echoes, mana is king. It powers everything from lighting to refrigeration, from vehicles to even some weapons. Communication over long distances is possible with magitech.

How does Magitech work?

There are three parts of the average magitech device. The core or power source, the circuit, and the mechanism. 

It is worth noting that those who are learning the art of magitech often build equipment without a core and instead use their own natural mana for a power source. It is also worth noting that some equipment does not explicitly need a mechanism and may simply be a power source and circuit.

The Core:
The core of the core is the Astral Shard, a type of crystal mined in abundance in Matai. This crystal resonates with the astral plane and when exposed to a shock of mana will begin producing it on it’s own. Wrapped around the astral shard is a coil of iridium wire. The purple colored metal is a natural conductor of mana and when coiled around an astral shard, it causes the shard to produce mana indefinitely. These two objects are suspended in a globe of lead treated glass that is then filled with fluid. The fluid is usually a heavily purified water that acts to buffer the mana coming from the shard. The spherical core is then inserted into the iridium receivers of the object in question to power it. The average core is approximately a foot in diameter. Though some have been noted to be as large as a building or as small as a coin.

The Circuit:
The circuit is a pattern of iridium that mana from the core travels through. In most cases the circuit is nothing more than a means of transmitting energy to the moving parts of a machine. However, when iridium is laid out in a very specific pattern and charged with mana, it will reproduce the effects of a specific spell. Refrigeration is an example of a spell circuit in action, with a mana core powering a cold spell circuit. Microphones are another great example, with the circuit simulating a voice projection spell.

The Mechanism:
Cars, Airships, Weapons, Machines of Industry, all of these things are mechanisms built around a core of mana. Some machines rely on mana as the core power source while others have begun to use mana as a method of heating water into steam and relying more on the steam power than mana itself. This in turn allows the core to power other things in the machine. Most technology of the current period is roughly equivalent to that of the 1920s in the real world.

Creating Magitech:
Someone with the magitech skill can craft items that utilize mana as a power source. What they are capable of creating varies based on their overall skill level. Some examples;

Novice - Cannot yet build their own cores, instead make magitech that relies on the users own ability to draw on mana to power the equipment. Small two-way communication devices, simple weapons, armored clothing, and other such things that utilize simple spells can be produced.

Initiate - Is still learning the art of creating a core. However, they have become accustomed with working on larger machines and though they cannot build their own yet they can easily repair most standard devices. Their own creations become more complex, they begin to learn that the more spells from other schools they know, the better.

Journeyman - Most Magitech Engineers graduate to Journeyman by creating their first core and not killing themselves in the process. Creating a standard sized core (approximately 1 foot in diameter) is still a laborious process for such an engineer but they are now capable of working on and constructing larger machines and spell circuits.

Adept - Has begun to focus on larger or smaller cores. Circuits are even more complex now. An adept could build a car given the time or a weapon that can be powered by a backpack-mounted core. 

Expert - They continue to work on their focus as the complexity and scope of their creations begin to blossom. An expert magitech engineer is often seen helming larger scale industrial projects, overseeing infrastructure and designing military grade weapon. It is by this point that spells like levitate and barrier become a part of their list of craftable circuits.

Master - Masters oversee the construction of airships, design automatons, some even craft prosthetic limbs for patients. A master of magitech is lord of metal, mana, and wire.

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