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Santiago Del Cid
Santiago Del Cid
[Image: uOerzTn.jpg?1]

Character Information
Name: Santiago Alan Del Cid
Species: Orckind
Ethnic Group: True Orc
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Moral Leaning: Neutral Good
Religious Affiliation: Veryl, Lumar, Seline, Zera

Character Status
Birthplace: Matra, North City
Address: Order of the First Circle Academy, Center City, Matra
Profession: State Mage
Physical Condition: Mild Arthritic Pains

Appearance and Personality
Proportions: 176 cm, 88 kg, Athletic Build
Hair Color: Bleached White
Eye Color: Gold
Appearance: A bit on the short side for a True Orc. Santiago or 'Sam' as he asks his friends to call him, is a young orcish male who has experienced much in his short life. His dark green skin is riddled with pocks and burns from constant research and study into the magical arts. Blessed with rakish good looks and an easy smile it is hard not to fall into a sense of comfort in his company. He keeps his hair bleached white to kill any potential 'invaders' as he calls them as he rarely has time for a good scrub. Instead, he focuses on keeping himself clean in little ways, trimming his nails and washing his hands and face constantly.

Santiago commonly wears simple street clothes, a button up shirt and slacks bound with a belt. He keeps his shoes well shined and always wears his badge marking him as a student of the First Circle of magic. On the rare occasion that he does draw himself out of the libraries and labs of the academy, he wears his traditional mage's uniform comprising of a long brown coat and red sash. 

Personality: Santiago is more than your typical forgetful mage. Though he does have his moments of course, he never forgets a face and always tries to greet others with a smile and a firm handshake. Santiago has a habit of rubbing his wrists when he is nervous and cannot help but feel uneasy in large crowds. He enjoys simple and practical hobbies such as cooking and painting. Despite his kind nature, he has very little patience for rash and aggressive behavior and will often respond in kind.

Character Package
Package Name: State Mage
Languages Known: Commonspeak, High Orcish, Low Orcish

Skill Name: Mana Tolerance
Skill Rank: Novice - 1
Skill Type: Physical Training
Description: Has undergone training to cast magic more efficiently and reduce mana taint.
Current Capabilities: Can cast up to three novice-level spells per thread before taking on mana taint.

Skill Name: Abjuration Magic
Skill Rank: Novice - 1
Skill Type: Magic
Description: Abjuration is a First Circle magic discipline that focuses on the casting of protective and purgative magic.
Current Capabilities: Spells Known:
Humble Ward - Creates a small protective barrier over the palm to block offensive magic.
Purge Mana - Forcibly flushes a small amount of mana from the target, this leaves the target exhausted. Cannot be used on the caster.

Skill Name: Evocation Magic
Skill Rank: Novice - 1
Skill Type: Magic
Description: Evocation is a First Circle magic discipline that focuses on the study and manipulation of energy.
Current Capabilities: Spells Known:
Little Shock - A small jolt of electricity leaps from the fingertip about ten feet, burning and stunning the target.
Lantern - Creates a small sphere of light that will follow the caster and provide a lightbulb's worth of illumination.

Skill Name: Vitomancy Magic
Skill Rank: Novice - 1
Skill Type: Magic
Description: Vitomancy is a First Circle magic discipline that focuses on the study and manipulation of life and death.
Current Capabilities: Spells Known:
Minor Mending - Stitches together small wounds and cuts.
Gentle Repose - Preserves organic matter for transport.

Skill Name: Conjuration Magic
Skill Rank: Novice - 1
Skill Type: Magic
Description: Conjuration is a First Circle magic discipline that focuses on the creation of living and unliving matter.
Current Capabilities: Spells Known:
Conjure Familiar - Allows the caster to conjure his or her animal familiar. Familiars can speak telepathically with their creator and are more intelligent than their ordinary counterparts. Santiago's familiar is a barn owl named Adelle.
Minor Conjuring - Conjures a simple object of up to a 3-foot cube made of wood or stone. Simple objects include basic shapes up to chairs and tables.

Skill Name: Fencing
Skill Rank: Novice - 1
Skill Type: Combat
Description: Training in the way of using a rapier for combat. This form of combat focuses on quick strikes and footwork.
Current Capabilities: Can wield a rapier with confidence and perform simple parries and thrusts, can dodge telegraphed blows more easily than most.

Skill Name: Alchemy
Skill Rank: Novice - 1
Skill Type: Crafting
Description: Alchemy is the study of combining mana with chemical compounds to produce potions, elixirs, and other chemicals.
Current Capabilities: With a bit of work, can create weak potions of healing and antitoxins. Can also create simple smoke pellets, poisons, and other items of utility.

Santiago was born into a well-to-do family in North City. His father operated a moderately successful business negotiating trade deals on behalf of more affluent clients. His mother remained at home and concerned herself with raising Santiago and his two brothers. When he was six years old his older brother Ral passed away abruptly from a sudden onset of Mana Poisoning. After further inspection, it was discovered that the boy had been exposed to a Mana leak while playing with his friends near the eastern edge of the sector. While a petition from his wealthy father saw that the leak was repaired, Santiago's family and Santiago himself were never the same. 

Despite his mother's growing obsession with keeping him away from all forms of mana exposure, Santiago instead threw himself into studying Mana and Magic, desperate to understand the thing that had taken his beloved brother away. At twelve he was scouted by a mage from the First Circle and allowed to participate in a preliminary apprenticeship before going to the academy at thirteen. His mother staged a protest, but his father could not have been prouder of him and with the help of his connections was able to cover the hefty tuition. From that point on he spent the next eight years of his life pouring over magical theory and received a superb education. 

When he reached the age of twenty-one, was ready to begin studying practical applications of magic and began a brief apprenticeship under Mage Adept Hellerman. The older Mage was the first to learn of Santiago's personal mission, to find a more effective cure for Mana Sickness. Despite the lack of interest in the topic at the academy, Hellerman encouraged Santiago to pursue his studies and even permitted him to study Vitomancy a year early. A few short years later, Santiago took his first Magus Examination before the Circle and was awarded the rank of Novice and an official position as a State Mage. With the access the badge granted, a love of knowledge and a mission in his heart; he threw himself into his studies...

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