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Dana Cooper
Dana Cooper
[Image: Z58VTyg.png]

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Character Information
Name: Dana Mei Cooper
Species: Farfolk
Ethnic Group: Edemmian
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Moral Leaning: Neutral Good
Religious Affiliation: Kitaranya; pays homage to Aurelia occasionally

Character Status
Birthplace: Matra
Address: A South City apartment complex, not far from Kettle Street
Profession: Magitech machinist in East City; had done some bar-tending in a North City bar-and-grill called "Charlie's Place" prior
Physical Condition: Caffeine addiction, higher levels of cholesterol in her blood vessels than most people

Appearance and Personality
Proportions: 155 cm, 49 kg, Somewhat Overweight
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Green
Appearance: Slightly taller than your average Edemmian woman, but also thicker in part due to a poor diet. Despite having the beginnings of a pot belly, Dana also works with her hands and on her feet through much of her work week, and is somewhat stronger than an average woman of the era. Her fur markings are akin to a red fox's, possessing rust-orange fur and black "socks"; she possesses a trio of tails extending to about arms' length behind her.

Though her outfits come off as being akin to a 1920's Flapper of the real world, she is almost never seen without her pair of tinted googles used for Magitech work, and she prefers cool colors with her outfits. Her hands are usually a bit rough from manual labor, but she otherwise keeps clean and decent-smelling in her off-time. Her hair is naturally curly, and it's rare she doesn't have a tuft of it sticking upward when left to its own accord. Her favorite outfit is often something short-cut and comfy, showing off her midriff and beast-like limbs without restricting her movements.

Personality: Usually a cool and collected individual, Dana is a hard worker but can play even harder with the right crowd. Unless she meets with the right people, however, Dana usually keeps to herself and would be the kind of person drinking alone at a bar-and-grill during happy hour. She considers herself as valuable to her occupation as any man, and refuses to back down from a challenge when presented to her. She tries not to think of the personal problems that the people of Matra face, mainly because she is a sucker for a sob story and would go out of her way to help someone else for little to no compensation.

Character Package
Package Name: Urban Ranger
Languages Known: Commonspeak, Edemmian, and bits and pieces of Xernian (but not enough to hold conversation with)

Dana never knew her birth-family but if she had to guess (or for all she cares), she was born out of wedlock and tossed to being a ward of the City by negligent Edemmians. For the first eight years of her life the vixen grew up in a relatively run-down orphanage in North City, obtaining a poor education during those early years despite her potential to learn. In her down-time at the orphanage, she'd read most every book and was an avid fan of listening to radio dramas, especially those of the science fiction genre. With the evolving industry of machines that mixed science and sorcery, Dana aspired to become someone who could make such marvelous technology someday.

Sometime during her early days of being a nine-year-old, she was indeed adopted by someone claiming to be a "friend of the family", a Xernian woman she would come to know as Aunt Fei. Getting a proper education to aspire toward her dream job, Dana was a bit of a trouble-maker who tried to stand on her own two feet; despite this, the discipline from the well-meaning Fei helped whip Dana into the shape of being a hard worker. Her love of radio dramas never left, and was supplemented by an interest in pulp stories conjured up by cheap magazines; it and junk food were the vixen's vices growing up.

Getting a job as early as she could at a North City bar-and-grill called "Charlie's Place", she saved up to go to trade school to take on the occupation of being a magitech machinist. It was during a particularly long shift, however, that something seemed to call out to the vixen. She was listening to the local singing during the night's happy hour -- some fad that the Xernians called 'karaoke' -- and hearing the voices of the singers triggered an uncanny sense of awareness within her. She could've sworn she'd heard a voice calling to her from the corner of the room, inaudible to all around her... and was certain she'd seen the face of an ethereal fox staring straight at her, huddled in that corner.

Of course her Aunt Fei was the first to shoot down the strange vision after the shift was finished, but then again the Xernians were known to be irreligious. Regardless, there was something odd about the urban sprawl that Dana could tap into if she really tried; and for the time before and after being hired as an assistant machinist she really, really tried to tap into said force despite inconsistent and oft-absent returns. All Dana knew was that there was something special about the City, and that it was as much a living, breathing environment as the wilderness... even if it looked and felt very different in its own way. Thus she slowly practiced her strange connection with this power in secret, evidenced from her basic manipulation of mana and the uncanny visions she had every now and again, finding justification for her weird views on the marvels of modern innovation through the understanding of otherworldly power harnessed by technology.

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