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Elgast Schreiber
Elgast Schreiber
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Character Information
Name: Elgast Schreiber
Ethnic Group: City Dwarf
Age: 80
Gender: Male
Moral Leaning: Chaotic Good. He respects certain laws but disregards many of them that he sees as little more than an unnecessary obstacle
Religious Affiliation: Menma and the Dark Lady who he believes might be one in the same.
Character Status
Birthplace: Central Matra
Address: Matra Undercity
Profession: Investigator / Unsanctioned Mage - Healer
Physical Condition: Healthy, caffeine and stim(placeholder) addiction

Appearance and Personality
Proportions: Consistent with City Dwarves, Elgast doesn't have the same physical presence as his mountain or hill relatives and is slightly more slender. Otherwise he is fantastically average having a short, stout physicality.
Hair Color: When stubble appears it tends to be a dirty blond
Eye Color:  Coal
Appearance: Elgast appears as a bit sickly in relation to the rest of his kin, having chosen to live in the Undercity to pursue his craft has made him pale and an unsanctioned, unregulated pursuit of magic has left its mark on him with signs of mana sickness that have come and gone as well as symptoms of black market forms of manaway that are sometimes little more than water. He tends to dress in a manner to blend in and tends towards loose fitting brown pants and a high collared long sleeve shirt matched with a cowl over the top and wraps on his hands. There's a shoulder bag he almost always has on him although its contents vary from illegal drugs, illegal magic texts and implements, or just a food and water.

His physicality is marked by magic use of a self-taught nature. Like all City Dwarves he keeps his hair shaved although not religiously and it's fairly common for a short stubble to cover virtually his entire body as he only really shaves once a week. He doesn't have access to a barber specializing in Dwarven bodies and so he shaves himself leaving his whole body covered in slight nicks and scars that were self-inflicted. He's taken to tattoos as a form of self-expression and has a slightly indecent tattoo of Menma's bust on his right bicep with two skeleton hands caressing her breasts forming a bone bra. On his left forearm he has a series of symbols which would be gibberish to anyone else looking like archaic doodles from some barbarian, but to Elgast they're a coded collection of tips he's saved while learning Vitomancy.
Personality: Elgast doesn't particularly like humans or orcs but will still offer them a chance. He resents sanctioned mages in general, having associated them with the same mage schools that are prejudiced against what Elgast sees as anyone poor or second class. He means well and strives to help others that either can't afford health care or, because of their life choices, are alienated from society. This means he works quite regularly with prostitutes and addicts.

In terms of actual personality, he's friendly enough although often guarded, worrying about his trade as well as his hobbies and the possible consequences of what he does. He's generous and gives money to the beggars on the surface, often in exchange for knowledge and observations. He respects parts of the law that he feels are important such as not killing or mugging, but that doesn't mean that something some noble has left unattended won't go unmolested.

Character Package
Package Name: Necromancer
Languages Known: Common Speak, Underspeak, and a limited grasp of Aelf

Skill Name: Sneak
Skill Rank: Novice - 1
Skill Type: Utility
Description: The ability to move quietly and unnoticed
Current Capabilities: Elgast can reasonably blend in with a crowd and move quietly enough to go undetected if there's a conversation to mask his steps or the individual is distracted

Skill Name: Sleight of Hand
Skill Rank: Novice - 1
Skill Type: Utility
Description: The ability to manipulate items with hands stealthily
Current Capabilities: Elgast can transfer items on his person unnoticed with a degree of success if the other individual is distracted, Elgast can also pick up items from tables or other inanimate surfaces with success and go unnoticed more than most.

Skill Name: Pistols
Skill Rank: Novice - 1
Skill Type: Combat
Description: Training in the use of a pistol for combat. This form accounts for aim, firing from behind cover, and managing recoil.
Current Capabilities: Can fire standard-caliber pistols, both revolvers and semi-automatics, with decent accuracy against a stationary target; has some basic practice of firing behind cover and can lead a shot against slow-moving targets, but isn't trained for real combat and is best suited for shooting at firing ranges.

Skill Name: Alchemy
Skill Rank: Novice - 1
Skill Type: Crafting
Description: Alchemy is the study of combining mana with chemical compounds to produce potions, elixirs, and other chemicals.
Current Capabilities: With a bit of work, can create weak potions of healing and antitoxins with a moderate degree of success. Can create narcotics with a weak degree of success. Is working on creating other items with a focus on experimenting with mana illness cures and mana augmentation.

Skill Name: Vitomancy Magic
Skill Rank: Novice - 1
Skill Type: Magic
Description: Vitomancy is a First Circle magic discipline that focuses on the study and manipulation of life and death.
Current Capabilities:Spells Known:
Summon Spirit - Calls upon a spirit from Menma for a short period, requires bone from summoned individual, skulls tend to work best. The spirit cannot physically interact with the world around them but can converse.
Minor Mending- stitches together small wounds and cuts

Skill Name: Conjuration
Skill Rank: Novice - 1
Skill Type: magical
Description: Conjuration is a First Circle magic discipline that focuses on the creation of living and unliving matter.
Current Capabilities:  
Lesser Golem - imbues a blob of dirt to form a small humanoid shape one foot in height

Skill Name: Mana Tolerance
Skill Rank: Novice - 1
Skill Type: Physical Training
Description: Has developed both the physical endurance and tolerance to cast magic more efficiently and reduce mana taint.
Current Capabilities:  Can cast up to two novice-level spells per thread before taking on mana taint.

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